Birds beware

I wish to address a pressing is­sue prevalent in Pakistan: the senseless killing of birds. Birds contribute to the beauty of na­ture, enhancing the world’s aes­thetics. Unfortunately, in Pakistan, the value of these avian creatures seems unacknowledged, lead­ing to their unnecessary slaugh­ter due to the absence of strin­gent rules. This rampant killing is escalating, posing a significant problem for the country. 

The lack of government com­mitment exacerbates the issue, as there is no effective control mech­anism in place. The relentless hunting of birds by people not only deprives nature of its beau­ty but also poses a severe threat to various living organisms. I ear­nestly implore the government of Pakistan to take immediate ac­tion to halt bird hunting, as these creatures are an integral part of nature, and their absence tar­nishes its beauty.



ePaper - Nawaiwaqt