Cancer in Balochistan

For decades, Balochistan has grappled with a significant is­sue—cancer, which has sadly be­come increasingly prevalent in re­cent times. Despite being rich in national resources like gold, oil, and gas, the province’s residents are confronted with the challeng­es of cancer. The alarming lack of specialised medical facilities dedi­cated to cancer patients is a press­ing concern that can no longer be overlooked. Various types of can­cer, such as breast, prostate, and lung cancer, persist, posing signif­icant threats to lives. Despite nu­merous pleas and writings about the dire state of cancer treatment, relevant authorities remain silent, indifferent to the plight of Balo­chistan’s citizens. Despite resi­dents attempting to raise their voices and demand a cancer hos­pital, their efforts have been in vain. Immediate action is impera­tive; the government and health­care authorities must invest in cancer treatment facilities and equipment across Balochistan, en­suring that patients receive opti­mal care and treatment.



ePaper - Nawaiwaqt