FIA approaches Interpol to secure arrest of Shahzad Akbar

ISLAMABAD   -  The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has for­mally approached Interpol to secure the arrest of Shahzad Akbar, former Accountability Adviser, following a letter from the Islamabad Police re­questing his apprehension. This move comes in the wake of a case registered against Akbar in Is­lamabad, where he was declared a fugitive by Civil Judge Ahmed Shehzad Gondal. A case, numbered 156, has been filed against Akbar, encompassing charges of fraud and other serious offenses.

Separately, the advertisements featuring Shahzad Akbar, along with co-accused Zulfi Bukhari, Zia-ul-Mustafa, and Farah Gogi, were pasted at the judicial complex. These individu­als are slated to appear in the accountability court on January 6, as announced through the advertisements.

Furthermore, the Accountability Court of Is­lamabad has issued a written order to initiate the process of designating the defendants in the 190 million pounds scam reference as fugitives. In a hearing held in Adiala Jail, Judge Muhammad Ba­sheer detailed that the investigating officer, Mian Umar Nadeem, submitted a report indicating the failure to execute non-bailable arrest warrants for the accused involved in the reference.

The court expressed dissatisfaction with the non-compliance, suspecting an intentional ef­fort to undermine the legal system. It concluded that accused individuals, including Hussain, Mirza Shahzad Akbar, Zia-ul-Mustafi Naseem, Syed Zulfiqar Bukhari, and Farhat Shahzadi, were evading arrest and declared them fugi­tives under section 87 Cr.P.C. Consequently, the court issued advertisement notices against the accused, directing their placement outside resi­dences and public areas. The notices are man­dated to be read aloud in both the native and residential regions of the accused.

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