Happiness of evil world


Soban Syed

For a moment, I was just stuck at the deserted scene. By this scene I forcefully dwelled into the broad view of fantasy, when I was passing through agora as a passer-by. I saw an amazing car desolated in hustle and bustle of the market. It was 1938 Volkswagen Beetle prepared by Hitler in WW2. 
Apparently, it seemed nothing but an unobtrusive car but it had many secrets inside, underwent many epochs and I was at the end of its life. It was picturizing its past prolonged sagas. It seemed to me as if it was not happy in this mortal world. No one is happy by the way, in this evil world but its manner of revealing its circumstances was unique. 
It seemed that it was smiling in the while crying in grief. Perhaps smiling in happiness because of many times, eras, civilizations and people it had seen. Perhaps crying in grief because the beauty of world is too fascinating that no one wants to abandon it.
At one time, I thought it was trying to tell me that once it was a masterpiece, although it had not changed but the cruelty of time changed it too. Now it was ready to step into the world of permanence with carrying bundles of stories of the past which no one was ready to disclose in this evil world.
The circumstances of the car seemed to me similar to that of some aged people of my village who had a lot to tell but no one wanted to listen. 
Sometimes I saw my grandmother in it who has spent a along period of time and has centuries old civilization preserved in her heart. My thoughts suddenly shifted to my aged hostel roommate who was of extremely jolly nature. If the car had anything like heart, I would never get bored, because heart never gets old.
This scene had its own sweetness. Without knowing the reason, I was halted at this scene again and again. 
Whatever happened was not good, but at least for a little while, I forgot about the worries of the evil world, I felt as if its spirit had settled in me somewhere. Suddenly, then some creatures came and took away my beautiful world of fantasy along with car.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt