Justice Mansoor Ali Shah, Justice Jawad Hassan attend COP28 session on Climate Justice

Sherry Rehman says inaction and injustice are two main drivers of climate crisis

DUBAI  -  Senator Sherry Rehman has urged for immediate action and account­ability from developed nations while highlighting the two main drivers of the climate crisis; inaction and in­justice. While delivering an address at the COP 28 Pakistan Pavilion here Friday, she said, “I really feel strong­ly that there are two toxins at the heart of the climate crisis; one is in­action, and the other is injustice.”

Titled “Climate Justice: New Nar­rative of Hope, Resilience, and Secu­rity”, the session was also attended by Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah, Justice Jawad Hassan and UNEP Ex­ecutive Director Inger Andersen. It highlighted the devastating impact of climate change on vulnerable communities, particularly in Paki­stan. The inaction of major pollut­ers, Senator Rehman explained, has a clear impact on the lives of peo­ple around the world, particular­ly those in vulnerable communi­ties. The Senator cited the example of a woman who has to carry water for miles from a field to her home, a task made harder and more danger­ous by climate change.

Rehman said that the Paris Agree­ment was meant to address both in­action and injustice. However, she questioned whether enough prog­ress had been made since then.

“Where are we today at COP 28? The bumper sticker is ‘leave no one behind.’ Well, right now, according to the synthesis report of the IPCC, we are leaving half the world behind already,” she said. She characterized COP 28 as a “historic opportunity,” stressing the need to seize this mo­ment to save “not just the planet, but half the world right now.”

Her address was a reminder of the urgency of addressing climate change and the need for global col­laboration to ensure a just and sus­tainable future for all.

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