Minister takes action against unregulated beauty products

LAHORE   -   Caretaker Punjab Minister for Primary and Secondary Healthcare Dr. Jamal Nasir has issued directions for curbing the unregistered beauty products including creams, injections, and tablets. A crackdown on undocumented individuals administering beauty injections and unregistered beauty parlours has been ordered, with no leniency for those posing health risks under the guise of beauty. At a conference of secretaries of district drug control boards, held on Friday, Dr. Nasir emphasised that only qualified skincare specialists and surgeons were permitted to administer beauty injections, and strict actions would be taken against unauthorised injections. Furthermore, the legal status of all beauty parlours in the province would be verified, and they were required to operate in accordance with the health principles. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) would be developed in consultation with the Health Commission to ensure compliance.

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