MoFA summons Pak envoys meeting within next two weeks

ISLAMABAD  -  In a bid to ensure Paki­stan’s democratic image, and woo for­eign investors to invest here, Ministry of Foreign Affairs has summoned Paki­stani envoys posted abroad.

The meeting is scheduled to be held within next two weeks, informed sources told The Nation on Friday. 

“The meeting was scheduled be held in the first week of December but scaled further due to engage­ments of the key military officials abroad,” said one official on condition of anonymity. 

Despite a text and calls made by this scribe to Ministry of Foreign Af­fairs spokeswoman Ms Mumtaz Zaha­ra Baloch no official word could be get about whether an extra ordinary meet­ing of envoys has been called by the ministry or not?

“It’s an extra ordinary meeting since the envoys will also be given tasks re­lated to changing geo strategic situa­tion specially related to Kashmir in the region and to address Israel’s attack on Gaza,” said the official privy to the on­going developments. 

He said that the conference would also ensure to address queries be­ing raised by EU countries, and other states about Pakistan’s coming elec­tions.

“It’s a strategic attendance of Paki­stani ambassadors also joining from United States, United Kingdom, Riyadh, UAE, Deputy Head of Mission in India, and other important missions abroad,” noted the official. 

The official maintained that envoys will be specifically briefed to ensure meeting certain benchmarks relat­ed to trade, and investment targets of Special Investment Facilitation Coun­cil (SIFC).

He said that envoys will also be con­veyed to counter the concerns of var­ious countries about removing illegal immigrants from Pakistani land of dif­ferent nationalities specifically undoc­umented Afghans.

“Almost 60 percent of undocu­mented Afghans have surfaced to be linked some way or the other in var­ious terrorist incidents raising secu­rity alarm for state institutions,” said the official. 

The official remarked that the MoFA will share the details in a later stage with the media as well. 


–The writer is a freelance contributor

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