Workshop on deadly epidemic diseases in animals held

PESHAWAR  -  A one-day workshop emphasiz­ing the prevention of infectious and deadly epidemic diseases in animals through vaccination took place on Friday. Hosted by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Livestock Department in collaboration with Dollvet, a prominent pharmaceu­tical company from Turkey, and Orion Group, the event shed light on the escalating economic losses caused by animal diseases global­ly, exacerbated by climate change.

Dr. Huseyin Zengin, MD, along with other relevant officials, ac­tively participated in the work­shop. Dr. Alam Zeib Mohmand, the Director General of Livestock, expressed gratitude to the or­ganizers, underscoring the ad­verse impact of these diseases on the international economy. He stressed the imperative of con­trolling these diseases through the use of local and limited-scale vaccines in Pakistan, in partner­ship with international compa­nies and institutions.

Yasir Wazir, the manager of Doll­vet Company, showcased seven distinct vaccines developed by the company, highlighting their effec­tiveness in combating diseases such as LSD (Lumpy Skin Disease), which saw an epidemic in Turkey in 2012 and later in Pakistan dur­ing 2021–22.

Dr. Asad Ali Shah, Director of the Livestock Department, discussed the challenges posed by diseas­es like foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) and LSD. He emphasized the collaborative efforts of the Livestock Department and inter­national organizations, including FAO, USAID, ARPIAH, Russia, and Dollvet, in reducing disease inci­dence and potential losses.

Asif Awan, President of the Live­stock Welfare Association, lauded the Livestock Department’s efforts and advocated for establishing a local plant with international sup­port to ensure the timely availabil­ity of vaccines at a reduced cost. Dr. Sirbuland, Director of Live­stock, expressed gratitude to the Turkish company representatives and called for enhanced mutual cooperation.

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