Youth in peril

I am writing to express deep con­cern about the ongoing issue of climate change, a crisis silent­ly impacting the lives of children. According to a recent UNICEF re­port, children globally face a dis­tressing scenario due to climate change. The 2021 UNICEF report on children’s climate risks re­vealed that children worldwide are at high risk from the impacts of the climate crisis, including many Pakistani children whose futures are jeopardised by envi­ronmental degradation and cli­mate disasters. Moreover, a signif­icant issue in this crisis is water scarcity, affecting over 739 million children in 2022.

Additionally, climate change dis­rupts the education of our youth, a fundamental right. A report in­dicates that 40 million children globally face interruptions in edu­cation due to climate disasters. In Pakistan, we must ensure a clean, healthy, and sustainable environ­ment for children. Addressing cli­mate change is crucial not only for the environment but also to se­cure our children’s future.



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