10Pearls Studio launched

LAHORE   -   10Pearls has announced the launch of 10Pearls Studio, a sig­nificant expansion of digital and creative capa­bilities. Employing a “one brand, one team” strategy, this initiative seamlessly consolidates digital media acquisitions into a unified, full-service digital power­house. The studio brings together existing digi­tal capabilities and past digital marketing acqui­sitions, such as Likeable, an acclaimed social me­dia agency based in New York City, and Pixel506, a digital services agency based in Costa Rica. It of­fers brands a one-stop so­lution for comprehensive digital marketing services spanning creative servic­es, branding, social media management, digital ad­vertising, digital engineer­ing & AI. “We have created a compelling value propo­sition for our customers. With the combination of world-class digital market­ing services fully integrat­ed with cutting-edge tech­nology and AI capabilities under a unified team, we are positioned to help our customers through the en­tire gamut of digital,” said Imran Aftab, CEO,10Pearls. 10Pearls Studios will be led by Carrie Kerpen, co-founder and former CEO of Likeable. An industry veteran, Carrie will over­see the growth and man­agement of the business globally. “10Pearls Studio allows us to balance the use of emerging technol­ogy with a deep under­standing of human behav­ior, one which has been rooted in the team for de­cades. Adding global reach to the equation makes this division unstoppable,” said Carrie Kerpen, Managing Di­rector, 10Pearls Studio The launch of 10Pearls Studio marks a transformative leap towards a unified global agency approach. The seam­less integration of creative, marketing, digital, and AI services amplifies our digi­tal marketing capabilities and positions 10Pearls Stu­dio as a dynamic and influ­ential force at the forefront of digital innovation.

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