PTI govt set to introduce mini-budget in NA

ISLAMABAD - The PTI government in the upcoming National Assembly session has planned to present mini-budget in order to introduce a comprehensive economic plan for the next three years.

The Imran Khan-led government after facing a lot of criticism from opposition on economic policies is for the first time introducing its three years economic plan.

The government in the upcoming National Assembly session starting from Friday will present mini-budget with the intention to pass it within a week, parliamentary sources shared with The Nation.

The incumbent government will make an attempt to suspend rest of the agenda items to introduce the mini-budget and conduct a thorough debate on it in the house, till the National Assembly session prorogued.

This government had already announced a mini- budget in September last year. The FBR made an attempt to achieve the tax collection target despite PTI-led government had introduced mini- budget in last mid September.

Therefore, the government is mulling to bring another mini-budget in the parliament to overcome the gap of tax collection during first half of the current fiscal year.

In the upcoming mini-budget, the government may impose tax on luxurious items. It may also rationalise tariffs structure and customs duties in the upcoming mini-budget to facilitate the growth of industrialisation as the current tariffs and customs duties were not favourable for the industry.

The FBR had collected net revenue of over and above Rs1,779 billion during first half (July-December) 2018-19 against target of Rs1,949 billion, reflecting a shortfall of Rs170 billion.  The main opposition parties may strongly oppose the mini-budget idea of present government.

Opposition leader Shehbaz Sharif will initiate debate from opposition benches and Naveed Qamar from PPP-P may talk about the mini-budget.

Apart from the mini-budget, the upcoming session of the National Assembly session may also witness fiery speeches from opposition for putting the name of opposition parties’ leaders in the ECL.

The former ruling party (PML-N) will submit request in the national assembly secretariat soon, requesting the speaker national assembly to issue production orders of Shehbaz Sharif and Khwaja Saad Rafique.


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