US regime changing conspiracy moves Pakistan towards total chaos: Shireen Mazari

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) senior leader Dr. Shireen Mazari slammed the imported government for plunging the country into economic catastrophe.

She said that when the country was moving in right direction and Pakistan was economically stable then why deliberately, the country’s economy was destroyed by imposing the imported government.

Shireen Mazari stated that whether all this was done to bring Pakistan to its knees and run it on the American agenda, as Shahbaz Sharif's sole agenda was to enslave and bankrupt the country.

“The US regime change conspiracy was moving Pakistan fast towards total chaos alongside economic tailspin through subservient imported government of ‘Crime Minister’ Shehbaz Sharif its seemingly invisible protection,” she added.

Shireen Mazari said that as economy went into tailspin that needed not only an answer to as who did but an answer as to why deliberately disrupted the economy just when it had stabilized.

She asked that whether all this was done to bring Pakistan to its knees to do US bidding because Imran Khan-led government gave them sovereignty and economic revival despite global recession.

Talking about the massive surge on POL prices, the PTI leader stated that certainly rising fuel prices had multiplier impact on price of basic commodities coupled with sudden resurgence of massive load shedding were all result of the much-touted ‘Shahbaz Speed’ who was emptying public exchequer for foreign trips, camp offices and state security for a convict.

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