Punjab police implementing latest info-tech based e-policing: IGP

LAHORE   -   Inspector General of Police (IGP) Punjab Dr Us­man Anwar has said that the Pun­jab Police were following the latest e-policing based on information technol­ogy, and using information tech­nology and modern tools to im­prove law and order, curb crimes and improve service delivery.

In a special message about the latest IT reforms and projects, being used by Punjab Force, the IGP said the working of Punjab police had been built on mod­ern systems and applications of information technology. He said that 1787 and Complaint Man­agement System were active continuously for transparent, impartial and accountability of police force, tracking, feedback, follow-up of all complaints of citizens related to police were done at high level of supervision. In this regard, thousands of com­plaints had been redressed in time. He said that along with the gradual functionalisation of all safe city cameras, a system was being launched at the local level in other three cities. He said that anti-vehicle lifting system, latest mechanism of vehicle checking through e-gadgets applications was in use.

Likewise, facial recognition system, checking number-plates through artificial intel­ligence, arresting criminals, and reunion of missing persons with their families were under way with the use of technology. Dr Usman said that the e-post system of the police was being exploited for arrest of dozens of court fugitives, proclaimed offenders and bringing them to justice on a daily basis. The IGP Punjab said that every police constable had human resource management system, welfare and crime prevention app, as well as smart eye, hotel eye, tenancy registration and other applications to track criminals and anti-social elements.

The IGP said that the Punjab Police’s ‘Pakistan app’, compat­ible with Android and IOS sys­tem, had integrated all the po­lice apps through which citizens could easily access 14 facilities at home in the style of a service centre. He said that the driving licence issuing system of the Punjab Police had been upgrad­ed and every Pakistani, who had a national identity card, could get a licence from the driving centres through modern IT sys­tem of Punjab Police. He said that the police station record management system in use at the police station level helps in the effective use of available personnel and resources, while the office work of the police has been harmonised with the Chief Minister’s Secretariat and has become paperless through the e-foas system. The IGP said that the Counter-Terrorism Depart­ment (CTD) and Special Branch had developed such software with the latest data analysis and artificial intelligence systems which were not even available in the world’s top agencies and thanks to these hifi systems.

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