Total Parco Pakistan organizes event at GCU Lahore

LAHORE-Total PARCO Pakistan Limited, one of the largest multinational energy companies in Pakistan, recently organized an event titled “Transforming Lives with Positive Action in New Reality” at Government College University (GCU) in Lahore. The event featured Mehmet Celepoglu, Chief Executive Officer of Total PARCO Pakistan Limited (TPPL), who delivered an inspiring speech to the young students and enthusiastic audience from various walks of life. The event witnessed Mehmet Celepoglu engaging with the audience, both in-person at a packed auditorium and digitally, with thousands of participants including students, business partners, customers, media personnel, brand ambassadors, and his own teams. It provided a platform for all the youth to learn from such an inspiring leader as him from his vast knowledge and experiences. He shared insights into his unique leadership and management style, which has successfully guided TPPL through the challenges of the last three years. During his speech, we got to know about TPPL’s initiatives focused on positive diversity, women empowerment, safety, and sustainable development, showcasing the organization’s transformative journey over the past three years. His speech offered valuable insights into TPPL’s forward-thinking strategies.
Moreover, he emphasized his determination to prioritize diversity, inclusion, youth empowerment, and sustainable development, aiming to exemplify its role as an energy company that enables individuals to become effective leaders driving positive initiatives. Through these endeavors, Total PARCO seeks to create a lasting and positive influence in the communities it serves.
After the speech, Mehmet Celepoglu inaugurated the Miyawaki Forest at Government College University, Lahore along with Professor Dr. Asghar Zaidi, the Vice Chancellor of GCU Lahore.
TPPL demonstrated its proactive approach towards environmental preservation and conservation, aligning with its core value of “Care for the Environment.”

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