The madness we call PSL

It had been a long time since we had an event that was simply culture-oriented, and PSL exactly did that. It transcended all political, social and religious boundaries

It was an exciting weekend for the entire nation. All apprehensions and anxieties faded out as the moment of the most awaited PSL final match commenced. The fact is, compared to what has been heard from the common public, it didn’t matter anymore what the critics or political analysts said. What mattered was getting together with fellow patriots to celebrate the victory of ‘Pakistan vs Terrorists.’

(Images: Farid Khan)

Cricket had finally come home, and though it may not be an international match, having a tournament in our own home ground with foreign players presenting our local teams, is a ‘wow factor’ we need to laud. This is the moment we, the people of Pakistan, have been waiting for. Truth is we never gave up. In as much as the militants have attempted to do, street cricket in itself stands as a testimony to Pakistanis’ passion for the sport. Yet, to have the government, security forces, and the Pakistan Cricket Board put in relentless effort to organize PSL, despite terror threats, is a news worth sharing globally. Of course, not to forget our artistes who kept the spirits high with their songs of patriotism! The overall aura and ambiance that PSL created in the entire country overflowed with euphoria.

Images: Azhar Masood Khan

It had been a long time since we had an event that was simply culture-oriented, and PSL exactly did that. PSL transcended all political, social and religious boundaries. It brought everyone together under one flag as one solid nation. PSL brought to us memorable moments we have had in the history of cricket. It refreshed profound memories of Cricket World Cup 1992 which was won by Pakistan. But wait a minute, did PSL just remind us of Junaid Jamshed? Yes, it did! It very much did. Seeing PSL representatives clad in Junaid Jamshed attire was one reason, yes! More than this, however, was the wave of Dil Dil Pakistan strumming in the stadium that engulfed us all in its rapture. Instant tweets and Facebook statues were posted sharing the mutual feeling. After all, Dil Dil Pakistan is that national song which appeals to the hearts of the young and old alike.

Artistes, who performed at the closing night of PSL, took the opportunity to endorse peace and coexistence with a message of solidarity.  Amidst all the PSL moments that made us go goo goo gaga, the most overwhelming moment that touched our hearts with sincere empathy was the tribute to martyrs by the Pakistan Army. PSL would have felt incomplete without mentioning the sacrifices of our martyrs and the heroism of our soldiers and security forces. The moment, which came as surprise to the entire nation, was described by many as ‘awestruck.’  The entire stadium; old, young and children alike, were filled with awe to see paratroopers gliding in the sky. Those watching the act on television, too, explained it to be ‘one moment in time.’

Keeping in mind how much we have struggled and suffered in the aftermath of terror attack on the Sri Lankan Cricket team in 2009, it was an overwhelming experience to witness Pakistan achieve a historical milestone in the field of cricket. In fact, as we all have been saying, PSL was ‘Pakistan vs Terrorism.’

Marian Sharaf Joseph is an independent journalist. Her work for local and global publications focuses on culture and community affairs

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