ISLAMABAD    -    Pakistan Air Force (PAF) on Tuesday commemorated the successful induction of Dassault Mirage III fighter jets into the national fleet and paid tribute to the promising fighter pilots who accomplished the historic task. In a series of tweets on the official Twitter of PAF's DGPR, it wrote, "8th March 1968 was a historic day in the history of Pakistan Air Force. On this day, first batch of formidable French Mirages was ferried-in to Pakistan. A group of promising fighter pilots under the command of legendary MM Alam accomplish the historic task." It added that the Elite Number 5 Squadron was given the honor of inducting state-of-the-art weapon system of that time. "In the 1971 War, the newly inducted Mirages honored the legacy of 1965 and proved its mettle. Induction of Dassault Mirage III, made PAF the only Air Force of the region to operate one of the most modern jet of that Era, incorporating superior design, flight control system, armament and long radius of action." The PAF also operated Dassault Mirage-V which was an updated version of Dassault Mirage III. Since its introduction to the PAF fleet, the reliable and dependable Mirages remained critical elements of the PAF’s offensive capability.  Over the years, the weapon system has undergone various upgrades and retrofits resulting in its capability enhancement to a level compatible to the combat aircraft of the present day, it mentioned. "Today, after more than fifty years of its first induction, formidable Mirages still make the main stream stike force of the PAF. This war tested machine has proven its lethality times and again including its vital role in Operation Swift Retort", it underlined.