Pakistan has adequate stocks of petrol, high speed diesel

ISLAMABAD-Pakistan has adequate stocks of petrol and high speed diesel which are sufficient for 21 days and 36 days respectively, official documents revealed.
Total useable stocks (OMC+pipe+refinery) have 417,368 metric tons of petrol, 500,283 metric tons of HSD stocks, 540,822 metric tons of furnace oil and 25,792 MT of JP-1 oil, which are enough respectively for 21 days, 36 days, 128 days and 13 days, official documents available with The Nation revealed. According to the national oil supply chains, the documents revealed that there is six days cover of petrol (berth+offport), the documents added. Days cover for enroute/laycans+ refinery is 28 days for petrol, 34 days of HSD, 44 days for furnace oil and 24 days for JP-1oil.
Regarding the crude oil stocks, the documents revealed that days cover with refinery is 7 days, whiledDays cover for enroute/laycans+ refinery is 19 days.
Similarly, 600,800MT of petrol, 386,300 MT of high speed diesel and 20,000 MT of JP-1 are planned for the March imports as per PRM, the documents revealed. Petrol spillover from February is of 155,168 MT, and crude oil 216,874 MT. The data of petrol & HSD stocks include stocks of OMCs & pipeline, fuel oil storages and stock include both OMC & power plants, the documents maintained.
The situation is table for the month of March and will further improve in April, the source claimed.
It is worth mentioning here that a letter written by the Oil Companies Advisory Council (OCAC) to the government had warned of a major disruption in the supply chain. The letter had pointed out serious trouble in arranging crude oil and petroleum products owing to foreign exchange constraints.

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