The inevitable

The nation has a huge trust deficit as far as the present NROed PPP government is concerned. They have been proven incompetent in only a year due to blatant breaches of national pledges. They cleverly diffused opposition in the name of 'reconciliation' but acted in a totally opposite and Machiavellian manner to consolidate their rule. The casualty of their misgovernence and corruption is the ninety percent poor of this country who have been butchered mercilessly with the combination punches of ever rising prices, taxes and tariffs and rampant corruption. 'Democracy' is in civies but its virtually a one-man rule. Musharraf at least was opposed tooth and nail by the whole opposition minus only the MQM and PML-Q. The present President is acting in totally unconstitutional manner but has virtually no opposition. Look at the irony of PML-N, the supposed opposition, inviting PPP yet again to join them in Punjab. This, they are doing despite the fact that Mr. Zardari ruined their politics for one year through their Governor, delayed restoration of judges and mismanaged the economy to the point of ruin in the first ten months of his rule. Look at what is happening in FATA, Swat, and Buner with US drones attacking us all over the NWFP. Balochistan is up in the arms after a rebellion by Sardars against the government whose ministers are no longer trusted by people. A new caretaker set up seems inevitable to elect a new government for the country. -A. ZAHEER HUSSEIN, Hyderabad, via e-mail, April 27.