Islamabad-Retired Major League Baseball star Alex Rodriguez and his fiancée Jennifer Lopez have reportedly dropped their bid to buy the New York Mets.

They had teamed up with billionaire investor Wayne Rothbaum, but negotiations faltered when it became apparent Rothbaum wanted more control than the couple were willing to give up. The other snag in their deal was said to be the price.

The A-list couple was hoping to buy the Mets for a cool $1.5 billion while Rothbaum thought it might be possible to make a deal for $1 billion. The Wilpon family was looking at a price closer to $2.5 billion, a valuation which includes the team’s stake in the SNY cable network.

Rothbaum thought they may be able to buy the team for a ‘fire sale’ price without the network and as coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on MLB. A source familiar with the situation said the Rothbaum thing ‘soured fast. He was not their first choice, but he was the first to agree to next steps,’ they told.