The President of Pakistan Dr Arif Alvi’s keen observation of the geopolitical situation of the region in a recent interview is a depiction of the preparedness of Pakistan’s leadership. His words were well chosen and were reflective of how aware he was of his responsibilities as the head of the state. What was reassuring was knowing that the state would not remain idle in case of any aggression on its Eastern border.

The Modi government in India is only embarrassing itself with its obsession with Pakistan and the Line of Control (LoC). As evidenced by the failed attempts in Balakot, India’s blatant warmongering was answered with a cool, calm and non-confrontational response, which both dealt a blow to India and further made this victory all the sweeter when the world saw Pakistan return a prisoner of war unharmed, in the bid to seek out peace. It was a masterstroke in every way; strategically and diplomatically, Pakistan won the day. And with the armed forces and the government being led by capable leadership, we can only expect a repeat performance.

With reference to Kashmir, the President’s analysis was neither emotional nor coloured by nationalism. He explained a historical reality; nations and people resist illegal occupation. India’s actions in Indian Occupied Kashmir and its thinly veiled and baseless assertions of its rights to Azad Kashmir all but ensures that the Kashmiris will never side with this stance. We have been witnessing India’s persistent failures in suppressing Kashmiris’ aspiration for self-determination and this will continue to happen unless India takes stock of its aggressive and divisive mindset.

Any person looking at India from an objective lens would find it hard to disagree with the idea that the Indian state has moved beyond its secular narrative to a blatantly hatred-driven ideology. As President Alvi has stated, it is virtually impossible for the Indian state to avoid violence internally as a reaction to discriminatory policies against Muslims. Pakistan has to do nothing, nor do we wish ill on our neighbours, but the path the Indian government is on, can only lead to the Indian state unravelling from within.