PESHAWAR                 -               Chairman Amun Taraqqi Party Muhammad Faiq Shah has urged the government to give relief to common man and small business­es in the upcoming fiscal budget 2020-21 in order to arrest the in­creasing poverty and unemploy­ment in the country.

Talking to a delegation of trad­ers and small manufacturers here at the party secretariat on Friday, Faiq Shah fully backed the decision of National Coordination Commit­tee (NCC) regarding the phase-wise resumption of businesses and public transport service.

The party leader called upon the business community to fully abide by the government’s guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures in order to support poor families and fight against the corona virus.

Faiq Shah urged politicians to shun petty politics and take meas­ures to support the poor masses by setting up small industries to earn livelihood for their families with full honesty and dedication.

The ATP chairman remarked that Sindh has only focused on fi­nancial assistance. He added the all facilities have been provided by the National Command and Con­trol Centre during the prolonged corona lockdown.

The party leader stressed upon the Centre and Sindh government to move forward with consensus.

He said there is a need to hold talks on ground realities to make everything crystal clear before the general public.