Before the pandemic everybody was engaged in daily routine. No one had time to spend with family. Everyone from Europe to Pakistan was longing vacation with no work or stress so, they can relax at home and feel the blessing.

Allah accepted their desire and gave long holidays. And provided enough time whatever they want to do either take rest or spend time with family. But we human beings are ungrateful and instead of availing the time (for what we long for), we are complaining. Our priorities were our house, our bed, our sleep, our food, our cellphones, our at-home entertainment and our rest. We long for these things all the time, don’t we?

Now Allah has enslaved us back with these things and has taken from us the opportunity to meet other people. Because we always grumbled that we cannot enjoy nature and can’t feel its affection but now we want to escape from our own houses and we’re saying that we are stuck.

Here’s a question; do we still love our homes?

We just want to escape from the bored routine but we forget that God is the best planner and we cannot do anything but pray. May Allah have mercy upon us.