Given the situation of the contagious outbreak COVID-19, the government has imposed a lockdown to combat coronavirus. Often in Ramadan, people go for Eid shopping to celebrate the auspicious occasion of Eid, but during these austere times, it appears many desires of the suffering masses will remain unfulfilled due to restrictions of lockdown.

This, at the same time, is a time to be introspective; to be sympathetic towards poor and needy. Affluent people need to come forward with a view to meet the needs of the poor and destitute segment of society so that such deserving segments could also spend good time with their children at home on Eid. Zakat ought to be paid by affluent people, philanthropists and welfare NGOs to mitigate the difficulties of poor and play their role to make a difference in the lives of these impoverished segments of society.

Therefore, paying Zakat is indispensable. Doing this heartily in this hour of trial will enable one to not only accomplish the sunnah of our beloved Prophet (P.B.U.H), but it will also be a silver lining for those suffering from the acute financial crisis.

Meanwhile, the government must stand firmly with the poor; it needs to lift lockdown for 3 days so that at least wealthy people can come up with a helpful hand for the poor and make poor people happy, on the eve of Eid.


Hyderabad Sindh.