LAHORE                    -          Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar has said that the minorities in Pakistan are enjoying independence status that world at large has recognised, while Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is busy targeting minorities and becoming an internal threat for India.

Indian renowned writers, human rights activists and people at large were unanimous in saying that Modi was working on an agenda to disintegrate India, the Governor said. He was addressing a ceremony and speaking to media persons after distributing ration among Sikh families, whose wage-earners lost their jobs during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic crisis, at the Gurdwara Janamsatan on Friday.  Sardar Satwant Singh, Sardar Ameer Singh, Dr Mimpal Singh, Pir Syed Hassan Shah, Moon Khan and others were present on the occasion.

Governor said that the US and all world human rights organizations had started raising their voice against Indian administration’s intolerance and extremism being committed against minorities in India.

He said it was mind-boggling that Modi was busy in terrorising the minorities in India as well as committing brutalities and killing innocent Muslims in Indian Held Kashmir, when the whole world was fighting against the dreadful coronavirus pandemic.

Still, the Governor said, Indian rulers and Armed Forces could never suppress the voice of Muslims in Held Kashmir as they want the UN resolutions be implemented in true letter and spirit.

“The Kashmiris are keeping their movement of independence alive despite all inhumane situations created by Indian forces in the Held Kashmir,” the Governor said and added Pakistan would continue standing with the Kashmiris in their just cause.

Replying a question of media persons, the Governor said Pakistan was always a supporter of peace but Modi must understand that Pakistan’s wish for peace was not its weakness.

“Pakistan has a capability to respond India in the same coin, if it tried any misadventure against Pakistan,” the Governor asserted.

He said people in India had started raising their voices against Modi’s war hysteria and believing that Indian premier was converting world’s largest democracy into an extremist state.

Stating that such a mindset will eventually disintegrate India from within, the Governor said it was now impossible to restore peace in India until Modi rules in India.

Responding to another question, the Governor said the lifting of restrictions on small businesses in the country did not mean that the coronavirus pandemic was subsiding. “In the days to come, the coronavirus spread will be seeing spikes and people must take proper precautionary measures while going to markets. Any mistake may prove as fatal,” the Governor warned.

Alongside the federal and Punjab governments, Chaudhry Sarwar said that he himself, in coordination with over 60 NGOs and social work organizations, was working to provide relief to the poor and vulnerable families in these hard times. He said that he specially came to Nankana Sahib to provide ration to the poor families of the Sikh community. Asserting that the PTI government would not leave the poor people unattended in these testing times, the Governor said various NGOs and social work organizations under the banner of Punjab Development Network had so far distributed ration among over 550,000 poor families.

He said the minorities’ lives and properties as well as due rights would be protected at any cost in Pakistan.