PESHAWAR                 -                The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police on the directives of Inspector Gen­eral of Police Dr. Sanaullah Abba­si has further intensified its efforts against drug peddlers and arrested 10,741 narcotics dealers as well as eradicated more than 104 acres of poppy cultivation worth millions of dollars in the international market during the last four months.

According to details, on the di­rectives of IGP Dr. Sanaullah Ab­basi the campaign against narcot­ics peddlers was further expedited during the last four months.

Different police teams were con­stituted which raided different places throughout the province and smashed several dens of drug peddlers.

During the special campaign, 9703 cases were registered, 10741 narcotics dealers were ar­rested and a total of 7086.938 kg of narcotics were recovered.

The different contraband drugs recovered included 6210.285 kg charas, 503.88 kg Opium, 324.656 kg Heroin, 48.158 kg Ice and 17163 numbers of liquor bottles.

During the campaign, a large number of accused were convict­ed by courts.

Likewise in the newly merged dis­tricts, the police also started cam­paign against narcotics dealers espe­cially against the poppy cultivators.

The police besides arresting 82 accused also eradicated poppy crops on 104 acres of land worth millions of $ dollars (US) in inter­national market.

A total of 60 cases were regis­tered against the poppy growers in the NMDs and out of 89 nomi­nated accused 82 were nabbed. The narcotics recovered from them included 858.88 kg Charas 118.631 kg Herion, 115.635 kg Opium, 3.272 kg Ice and 25 bottles of liquor