LAHORE                  -                  The police on Friday submitted a challan (charge-sheet) of Shahbaz Tatla murder case in the Sessions Court. As per the challan, the accused, SSP Mufakhar Adeel , had confessed the crime during the investigations.

The police claimed that the accused had killed Shahbaz Tatla and then burnt his body in an acid drum. Later, the accused disposed of the remains of the body , the challan stated, adding that the samples were collected from the scene and had been sent to the Punjab Forensic Science Laboratory for analysis.As per text of the challan, the accused planned the murder and crime scene was also washed with water.

The police claimed that solid evidence was available against the accused and it would be produced before the trial court. Former Assistant Advocate General Shahbaz Tatla had gone missing on February 7 and a case was registered at Naseerabad police station.

SSP Mufakhar Adeel was arrested on March 9 by the investigation police, almost a month after his disappearance. It was alleged that Mufakhar, along with his accomplices, killed Shahbaz Tatla.