LAHORE                    -                 A video link conference of police officers was held here on Friday under the chairmanship of CCPO Lahore Zulfiqar Hameed in the CCPO office to ensure the safety and security of the citizens during Ramazan in view of coronavirus.

In the video link conference, DIG Operations Rai Babar Saeed, DIG Investigations Dr Inam Waheed, SSP Operations and SSP Investigations from CCPO Office while CTO Syed Hamad Abid and all Divisional SPs participated.

In the video link conference, the 20-point agenda of the Federal Government, the security and safety of the citizens in view of the corona virus during Ramazan was discussed.

 The situation after the easing of lockdown was discussed. While speaking at the conference, CCPO Lahore said that security and safety arrangements should be reviewed after easing of partial lockdown.

He said that after easing of partial lockdown, enforcement will be done in three categories.

While directing the police officers, Zulfiqar Hameed said that the patrolling system should be improved along with reduction of road pickets.

Patrolling forces will be responsible to close down the markets and shops on time.  He added that enforcement would be tightened in areas where corona cases would increase.

The structured SOPs will be emphasized in industrial sector, markets and bazaars as per government directives.  The Lahore police Chief said that the implementation of social distance policy in places of worship during the month of Ramazan would continue and the committees would ensure the government’s 20-point agenda.

Zulfiqar Hameed said that the patrolling system of Dolphin and PRU Force should be made more active during Iftar and Sahar.  Any negligence will not be accepted, stern action will be taken against the law-breaking elements. 

He directed all the Divisional SPs to ensure the safety of the police personnel on duty during Ramazan.

He directed the CTO Lahore that due to increase in the rush of citizens on the roads after easing of partial lockdown, an effective traffic plan should be formulated so that citizens should not have any traffic problem during Iftar.