LAHORE                   -                  NA Opposition Leader Shehbaz Sharif has demanded an in depth investigation of the medicine scandal through a parliamentary committee. “Coming on the heels of sugar, wheat and IPPs scandals, latest drug scandal indicates how powerful mafias within PTI govt continue to tilt the policy in their favor,” he said in a twitter message on Friday. He demanded of the government that a parliamentary committee must be constituted to probe the scandal of drug imports from India and unveil the facts. Shehbaz further said, like the sugar and wheat scandal, PM was also the chief culprit in the medicine scandal. He said Niazi gave the approval of importing medicine from India in a cabinet meeting. He said import of other medicines under the garb of life-saving medicine was a heinous crime which must not go unpunished. Shehbaz said if anything remotely like that had been done during the PML-N tenure, Imran Niazi would have filed a petition for treason against the government.

 Imran was also the health Minister which was why he needed to answer and personally provide an explanation over this scandal worth billions, said Shehbaz.

PML-N President reminded that corruption worth billions through medicines had surfaced before as well but Imran Niazi had not only sheltered the politician in question but had awarded her a special position in his government.

Shehbaz said Imran’s astonishment and cluelessness wasn’t enough as this concerned life-saving drugs and lives of the people of Pakistan. He said that the guilty must be apprehended, brought to justice and given exemplary punishment.