Staying at home is one of the most effective measures to stay safe. Still, people seem interested to make social connections and attend social gatherings on the streets, roads, hotels, shops and many other places. Why? Let me clearly say that when you are safe, other people are safe. So, you should try to take safety measurements by yourself for yourself and for your loved ones.

Some people have taken to making jokes, taking selfies with masks, making funny videos on “Tiktok” and making funny songs on coronavirus pandemic. This is careless and irresponsible. To stay safe, everyone needs to cooperate with the doctors and the government.

The government of Sindh has taken a large number of actions to stop the spread of coronavirus or COVID-19. The most essential consideration is when one person suffers from the virus, then other people will obviously be in the risk of being affected by it.

Therefore, not just a few people need to take care, but everyone in the world has to be careful and responsible. Otherwise, innocent people will also suffer from problems due to the people who do not understand and exacerbate the pandemic.

Everyone needs to cooperate and take safety measurements to stop the spread of the deadly virus, corona. Avoiding gatherings and staying at home should be done by everyone. Washing hands, wearing masks and covering the body is essential for your safety and family as well.