USA should ‘be ousted’ from Iraq, says senior cleric

Baghdad's Friday prayer leader Sayed Yasin al-Mousavi has called to put more effort into making US troops leave Iraqi territory.

“The Americans have to be ousted because they do not intend to leave by themselves. Only resistance can expel them”, the senior Iraqi cleric was quoted by the Iranian news outlet Press TV as saying.

He added that those who strive for “the continuation of the US presence in the region, and for no resistance to take place against it” are actually “seeking to delay the end of injustice over the world”.

According to al-Mousavi, it’s necessary to pray for the expulsion of US forces from Iraq.

The remarks come after Abdul Karim Khalaf, spokesman for the Iraqi armed forces' commander-in-chief said in late April that Iraq and the US will “discuss a schedule for the full withdrawal of American troops from the country during talks in June”.

Khalaf added that bilateral security operations, the military training of Iraqi forces, and exchange of experience will continue even after the US troop pullout.

"The US has significantly reduced the number of its troops per agreement with the Iraqi government as a gesture of goodwill. There is mutual understanding and positive signals”, Khalaf pointed out.

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