LARKANA - Members of Sindhi Porhiyat Sangat, Larkana District, held a protest demonstration at Jinnah Bagh here on Sunday against acute water scarcity, settlement of outsiders in Sindh and allowing Afghans and other aliens to vote and buy properties in province.

They shouted slogans for acceptance of their just demands while holding large banners in their hands. While speaking on the occasion, leaders Siraj Kalhoro, Dr Azad Qazi of the Jeay Sindh Mahaz, Muhammad Ali Abro, Dr Khaliq Kalhoro, Mumtaz Joyo and others said that Punjab had been forcibly stealing Sindh’s water for the last one century. They said that in 1945 Britishers resolved the water issue but the rulers wanted to deprive Sindh of its legitimate share by constructing hundreds of dams and canals to make it dry.

They alleged that the PPP was handing over Sindh’s water to Punjab for power due to which many illegal dams and canals were created after the Chashma-Jhelum Link Canal which led to irrigation water scarcity today in Sindh.

They said that settlement of foreigners and allowing them to vote and buying property in Sindh would convert Sindhi people into a minority which should never be allowed. They demanded eliminating the water scarcity in Sindh, preventing the settlement of aliens and preventing the Afghans and other outsiders from voting and buying properties here in Sindh, otherwise the circle of protest would be increased, they warned.