LAHORE    -   Southern Punjab and Sindh are confronting serious problem of water scarcity that is threatening crop harvesting and endangering lives of both humans and livestock, it has been learnt. The dwellers of southern Punjab are facing severe water scarcity. Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shehbaz took notice of the situation and directed the authorities to ensure water provision to the parched areas of the province.

He vowed to help the growers, saying he would not leave them alone in this time of crisis.

On the other hand, the water shortage is assuming alarming proportions in Sindh as agricultural economy is on the verge of annihilation. The harvest is withering away due to closure of canals.

The water scarcity has put a seriously damaging impact on the habitat conditions as people are compelled to migrate to other places due to non-availability of water.

The situation is scarier in the riverine area of Sindh – district Sajawal – where crops have wilted owing to non-availability of water. It’s giving nightmares to the growers whose produce is ruining.

For the last three months, water has not been released to the canals in Sajawal. Not only the crops are dying but it has become difficult for humans and cattle to quench their thirst in the face of drought-like conditions in the district. Livestock has started perishing here and people have started migrating to other areas. The Sajawal residents have appealed to Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah to immediately solve water problem in the area in order to save lives of both humans and livestock. Sindh CM Shah complained on Saturday that there was unjust distribution of water resources between the federating units and Sindh was not getting its due share. He said he would talk to the federal minister on the issue.

He, however, admitted that there was a water shortage in the entire country, and Sindh was no exception. He even suggested to growers not to sow rice crop this time round in order to preserve water.

There is an extreme water shortage in the water flow at Kotri Barrage of River Sindh.

According to control room at Kotri Barrage, the upstream water flow at the barrage was recorded 4,900 cusecs and downstream flow was recorded just 200 cusecs.

The Kotri Barrage is giving a spectacle of vast expanse of sand now.