Italy campaigns to host World Expo 2030 in Rome

Italy has launched an official campaign to host the World Expo 2030 in the historic city of Rome, with Saudi Arabia, North Korea, and Ukraine also in the running. Italian Ambassador Andreas Freires called upon Pakistanis to support Italy's bid during an introductory program held in Abad.

Freires noted that the Expo would provide an opportunity for Pakistan to promote its culture, tourism, and investment through the setup of pavilions and stalls.

The first voting for Expo 2030 Rome organized by Beaver and International Disposition will take place in Paris in November 2023. The Italian Embassy in Islamabad announced the details of the proposed Expo 2030 and emphasised that Rome would be the best choice to host the event.

Professor Romeo Orlandi, who came from Italy, gave a briefing for Expo 2030 in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad, stating that Saudi Arabia and North Korea were also strong candidates for hosting the Expo. Orlandi presented the case for Rome, citing its knowledge and experience, beauty and history, university, interests, participation and involvement, innovation and technological innovation, and sustainable development.

Italy has chosen a clear theme for the Expo: "the people and the region." The event has the full support of the Italian government, and Rome has three airports, 70 railway stations, and two ports. While Riyadh and Busan are also contenders for hosting the Expo, Italy is confident that it will be selected.

At the event, documentary videos about the city of Rome and Expo 2030 were also shown. The first voting in Paris in November 2023 will determine which country will host the World Expo 2030. 

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