TNS Beaconhouse, IAP collaborate

LAHORE   -   TNS Beaconhouse in collaboration with the Institute of Architects of Pakistan (IAP) recently hosted an event titled, ‘‘Blueprint for Learning: Where Design Meets Pedagogy” at the newly launched TNS Beaconhouse Gulberg. The event focused on the pivotal role of innovative school design in enhancing student learning. Attendees included architects, students of architecture, and educationists.

CEO of Beaconhouse School System, Kasim Kasuri, and founder and creative director of Rosan Bosch Studio and principal architect of TNS Beaconhouse Gulberg, Rosan Bosch, led the event with keynotes that outlined how architectural design intersects with teaching and learning to cultivate environments that foster creative problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaborative learning. An insightful panel discussion on the topic further highlighted the significance of merging innovative architecture with education and brought to light various insights on how such integrations can benefit the learning process, emphasising the need for spaces that adapt to educational demands.

Participants from the IAP also took a guided tour of the iconic TNS Gulberg campus that reimagines school design with a focus on creating spaces and experiences that promote learner agency. CEO Beaconhouse School System, Kasim Kasuri, commented on the occasion saying, “Our commitment at TNS Beaconhouse is not just to education but to creating environments that inspire and challenge our students. Collaborations like these are essential in rethinking how space can be utilised to empower our learners.” This collaboration between Beaconhouse and IAP not only highlights the importance of architectural influence on educational outcomes but also sets a benchmark for future endeavours in educational infrastructure.

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