The Modi mystery

Narendra Damodardas Modi the 14th Prime Minister (PM) of the world’s largest democracy is a very mysterious individual. Not much is known about his private life and his journey to power. Lives with his mother, was married for a brief period in 1968 to Jashodaben Narendrabhai, her whereabouts are unknown. Claims to have attended Gujarat University in 1983, University of Delhi 1978 and then School of Open Learning University of Delhi. He enrolled as full time RSS worker in 1971 in his home province of Gujarat. In 1985 he was assigned to Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) the political wing of this fascist militant outfit. He rose to be the secretary General of BJP in 2001, the same year he replaced the ailing Chief Minister (CM) of Gujarat Keshubhai Patel.

In 2002 Narendra Modi emerged on the world map with the title of ‘Butcher of Gujarat’. As CM of Gujarat he allowed massacre of over 2000 Muslims. For three days the goons of RSS were given a free hand for ethnic cleansing. For his complicity in this crime against humanity he was barred from entering any Western country for over ten years. He remained CM till 2004 before entering the political arena at the centre. Commissions were formed and inquiries were conducted to punish the culprits of the Gujarat carnage but he escaped conviction due to lack of evidence which is a typical failure of common law in high profile cases.

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) was formed in the year 1925 as a ‘National Patriotic Organization to create a fascist Hindu State. Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the first PM who had RSS background. Like Modi he too had an interesting life. Never married, perhaps remained celibate like the Catholic priests. He was once asked the reason for his bachelorhood. The answer was quite interesting. He grew up with his elder brother and his wife. His ‘Bhabhi’ (Sister-in-law) was always worried about the safety of her husband. Atal Ji decided that no female should be made to live a worrisome life so he decided to remain single. Unlike Modi he was a statesman and a poet who wanted to build a legacy. He distanced himself from RSS and worked for peace. His famous verse “Hum Jang No Hone Denge’ (We will avoid war at all costs) reverberated at Minar-e-Pakistan during his visit to Lahore.

When Ronald Reagan took oath of office as 40th President of USA it was reported that he was the first divorcee to occupy the White House. The 39 Presidents before him were all family men who had stability in their personal lives. Donald Trump the 45th head of state arrived with his third wife and a teenage son to run the world’s lone Super Power. It seems the world has changed, the standards have been lowered to accommodate ordinary individuals into the corridors of power. It is indeed interesting that Hitler, Vajpayee and now Modi have similar backgrounds, they emerged from grass root politics as single males with no one to consult or guide their daily conduct. Hitler was able to consolidate his power and caused unamendable damage to the world. Vajpayee never got a second term in office despite his claims of ‘Shining India’. Modi is now in his second term in office and in the process of attaining absolute control. Imran Khan is right, the world must be watchful of Modi the Butcher of Gujarat before he causes immeasurable damage to the world.

The ‘Mystery of Modi’ has to be demystified to save humanity before it is too late. The siege of 80 million unarmed Kashmiris is a test case for the world and the international bodies created for peace and human rights. ‘Mysterious Modi’ the Tea Boy and ‘Butcher of Gujarat’ was raised and indoctrinated to destroy not to build. RSS is in his blood, he will need a major transfusion to cleanse his system.

Extensive research has been carried out on the rise and fall of ‘Adolf Hitler’, even movies have been made but it seems no lessons have been learnt. ‘Hitler’ has been demystified but after the damage and destruction that he has caused. The movie on Gandhi was an epic, the one on ‘Modi’ will be a nightmare for the world to watch under the title of, “ The Carnegie of Gujarat” To protect human interests ‘Modi’ should be under the ‘Magnifying Glass’ to watch his inhuman moves. Researches and Think Tanks have to focus on this Hitler of the 21st century., RSS is an extension of the Nazi Party. BJP is just a political façade to create a fascist Hindu state. So far the Tea Boy of Gujarat has been able to deliver on the expectations of his launchers. Arena and scope of his nefarious designs has now been expanded to entire Indian Union. For a population of 80 million in Kashmir he has deployed a million soldiers. A bloodbath may be in the making as pointed out by Imran Khan. The slogan should be to ‘Expose Modi’ a fascist phenomena of the 20th century dominated by Nazism and Adolf Hitler whose road map he has followed to the teeth. Appeasement did not work then, it will not work now. History should not be allowed to repeat itself. Through ‘Modi’, Hitler has entered the 21st century, his tracks have to be blocked to save the world. From Kashmir the message is,

“We will be destroyed before the world understands our plight”.

The writer is Ex-Chairman Pakistan Science Foundation, email:

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