RAWALPINDI - Rawalpindi Police in their crackdown against drug peddlers and bootleggers rounded up 22 accused from different areas and recovered nearly six kilogram marijuana, 41 litres liquor and five bottles of liquor from their possession, said a police spokesman on Friday. 

He informed that Saddar Baroni police held Muhammad Shahid for having 1380 grams charas and Samiullah with 1400 grams charas.

Cantt police rounded up a drug peddler namely Azhar and recovered 1350 grams charas.

Similarly, Waris Khan, Bani, Cantt, Naseerabad, Gujar Khan and Kotli Sattlian police arrested Rafique with 180 grams charas, Asif with 160 grams, Imran with 110 grams, Waqar Jameel with 500 grams, Haq Nawaz with 330 grams, Waheed with 400 grams and Ubaid ur Rehman for possessing 155 grams charas. Ratta Amral, New Town, Naseerabad, Saddar Wah, Kahuta, Gunjmandi and Murree police in their operations against bootleggers arrested Muhammad Akhtar for having five litres liquor, Nazir with five litres liquor, Asif Ali with five litres liquor, Akash for possessing six liters liquor, Nasir Mehmood with 10 liters liquor, Aftab for having five liters liquor, Allah Rakha with a liquor bottle, Jahangir, Shakeel Ahmed, Ghulam Shah and Imran Butt for having four liquor bottles.

Meanwhile, Gunjmandi police held an accused for carrying fireworks items and recovered an ample quantity of fireworks from his possession.

Separate cases have been registered against all the accused while further investigations are underway, he said and added that police would continue their raids against lawbreakers and they would be sent behind bars.