Palestinian group Hamas said Saturday it is engaged in talks with Egypt and other parties on the conditions of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

"We have communicated with many parties, including Egypt, on hunger-striking prisoners (in Israel),” Hamas leader Hossam Badran said in statements cited by the group’s official website.

“Hamas told Egypt that the continuation of the prisoners' hunger strike and Israel’s intransigence may push the whole region to unimaginable consequences,” he warned.

Six Palestinian prisoners in Israel have staged an open-ended hunger strike in protest of the Israeli policy of administrative detention, according to the Palestinian Prisoners Society.

The policy of administrative detention allows Israeli authorities to extend the detention of a prisoner without charge or trial.

There are around 4,850 Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons, including 40 women, 225 children, and 40 administrative detainees, according to institutions concerned with prisoners’ affairs.

Egypt is mediating indirect talks between Hamas and Israel in an effort to consolidate a cease-fire in the Gaza Strip and secure a prisoner swap between the two sides.