LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar and all provincial ministers will donate their one month salary to the Prime Minister’s Dam Fund.

The decision was taken at a meeting of the provincial cabinet held at the CM’s office which lasted for five and half hours. Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar was in chair.

Addressing the meeting, CM Buzdar said construction of dams was need of the hour and Premier Imran Khan had won hearts of the nation by announcing a dam fund. “We completely support this fund,” he said.

Approval was accorded for formation of a Cabinet Standing Committee for Finance and Development and the Cabinet Standing Committee for Constitutional Affairs. The cabinet also approved constitution of a steering committee on implementation of 100-day programme announced by PM Imran Khan which will be supervised by Senior Minister Abdul Aleem Khan.

Sub-committees were also constituted for implementation on 15-measures and projects relating to the Punjab. CM Buzdar said progress on the 100-day programme will be reviewed and the report on progress will be submitted to the CM office every week. Stakeholders of various sectors will be taken into confidence for finalisation of the policy and recommendations. Alleviation of poverty from the deprived areas of Punjab, promotion of tourism industry, agriculture reforms for the enhancement of production power of farmers, agriculture market, livestock reforms, national water policy and chalking out a master plan, health and education reforms, women development, provision of clean drinking water, construction of 5 million homes, environmental changes and green growth are included in the 100-day agenda. The cabinet also constituted a committee consisting of provincial ministers Raja Basharat and Chaudhry Zahreeuddin to decide about use of luxurious vehicles retrieved from companies and authorities. The committee will present its report in the next cabinet committee. The cabinet also agreed on the name of Nasir Khan Durrani to preside over the commission for police reforms. The commission will consist of five members. On the proposal of the cabinet, it was decided that secretaries home, public prosecution and law will also be members of the commission.

CM Usman Buzdar said speedy reforms will be introduced to de-politicise police.

The chief minister and the provincial cabinet expressed dissatisfaction over performance of the Anti-Corruption Establishment. The chief minister said the performance of the Anti-Corruption Establishment was very disappointing and added that will not be tolerated any more.

He said he was aware of wrong affairs in the Anti-Corruption Establishment and the department failed to produce desired results. The cabinet approved constitution of a committee consisting of ministers for law and public prosecution to introduce reforms in the Anti-Corruption Establishment. The cabinet also decided to unify two departments of health and formation of a committee headed by Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid in this regard. The law minister will also be part of the committee. The chief minister said the PTI government will take all out measures to provide best health facilities to the people. The meeting also decided to continue the Pakistan Kidney and Liver Transplant Project and a committee was formed consisting of health and law ministers for preparing recommendation to make the institution more effective.

Moreover, to review energy matters a committee was made under Senior Minister Abdul Aleem Khan with law and finance ministers as its members. About Quaid-e-Azam Solar Private Limited, a committee was formed under Senior Minister Abdul Aleem Khan. A resource mobilisation committee was constituted to increase financial resources in the province.

The cabinet was told in the briefing that a working group had been formed for establishment of South Punjab province on administrative grounds. Besides CM Usman Buzdar, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Federal Minister Khusro Bakhtiar are members of the working group. A committee consisting of four ministers was also formed to review affairs of Orange Line Metro Train. The cabinet also approved decisions of the first cabinet meeting. Provincial ministers, advisers, chief secretary and senior officials attended the meeting.