LAHORE-Balaa is one of those dramas, which we have been eagerly waiting for right after its captivating teasers were released. And finally, the much-anticipated drama serial went on air Monday night and we must agree that the writer, Zanjabeel Asim Shah has beautifully penned down the script because we have instantly fallen in love with the nature of the story with just the start of the drama.

A unique story of love, jealousy, revenge and selfishness, “Balaa” seems to be a distinctive story that we haven’t seen before.

Nigar, played by the beautiful Ushna Shah is a dominating stubborn girl who has a great support of her father, played by Sajid Hassan. However, due to the insecurities and imperfections of Nigar, she dominates lives of other people especially her brother Junaid (Asad Siddqui) and his wife Zeba (Ammara Chaudhry) because he married against his family’s wish.

On the other hand, we have Taimoor, played by the handsome Bilal Abbas Khan, a considerate person who loves his family. We love this mother son duo of Taimoor and veteran actress Samina Pirzada who played as his mother.

The episode begins with the engagement of Taimoor’s elder sister, where Nigar’s father keeps on taunting on everything and telling everyone that how lucky he is to have Nigar.

On the other hand, Nigar is in love with Taimoor but he is unaware of her feelings, also he doesn’t like her much because of her cruel and arrogant nature. Nigar expresses her desire to marry Taimoor in front of her father. However, when he went to Taimoor’s house just for the formality of bringing rishta, because he was too confident that they could not reject his rich and beautiful daughter, he came to know that Taimoor is interested in someone else and that he had already proposed her.

He became furious and warned him and his mother that if he did not marry his daughter, their family would not keep relation with them. But, Taimoor did not seem to care about this. When Nigar’s father told this to her, she felt dejected and thought that her physical disability was the reason why he rejected her!

Balaa, a fusion of love, jealousy and insecurity, was worth watching and we can’t wait for the next episode to air.