Karachi - Adviser to Sindh Chief Minister on Information and Archives, Anti-Corruption and Law Murtaza Wahab has vehemently condemned the unannounced closure of CNG stations in Sindh province and termed it “failure of the federal government”.

In a statement issued on Saturday, the adviser said common people of the province were facing serious problems following unannounced closure of the gas stations.

“Sindh is the only province that shares major chunk of natural gas into the overall gas production and disrupting lives of people of the province is tantamount to rubbing salt on their wounds”, Murtaza Wahab added.

The people of Sindh are left with no option just to stage protest against the closure of gas stations, he said, adding that why only Sindh suffers on part of failure of SSGC authorities.

As per the Constitution, the priority of any natural resources be given to the local people of that province, however the federal government is only targeting Sindh province as people of Sindh have rejected the PTI in elections 2018, Barrister Murtaza Wahab said.

“The Sindh government will always raise voices against injustices with the people of the province at every platform”, the advisor concluded.