LAHORE  -  Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Saad Rafique on Saturday said former incarcerated premier Nawaz Sharif should be freed for Pakistan to survive. Addressing a gathering in Lahore, the former railways minister said, “Evidence is now being searched for after sentencing Nawaz.” “Nawaz had set out along with thousands for the freedom of judiciary,” he added. He lamented, “We thought we would be given protection but look where we have been made to stand now.”

 “A man who was not elected has been appointed prime minister,” he further said and added that “this man who has been made premier was hiding at that time”.

 “It has been 22 days to ‘Naya Pakistan’ but nothing concrete has been done so far,” the PML-N leader added. Saad further said, “We can also gather thousands and take to the streets but we took an oath to respect the polls even though they were not fair.”  “For Pakistan’s survival, Nawaz will have to be freed from jail,” he added.  “Pakistan should not be taken towards anarchy and people should be granted their rights,” the PML-N leader stressed.