ISLAMABAD - Democratic People’s Republic of Korea remains in the headlines due to its proactive foreign policy. It is known as a trend setter in nuclear diplomacy with its aggressive, bold and candid nuclear posture. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, as the Northern part of the Korean Peninsula, as officially known, was proclaimed on September 9, 1948. On the auspicious occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea the ambassador Mr. Kim Thae Sop hosted a grand reception at a local hotel in Islamabad. Makhdoom Khusro Bakhtiar,  Federal Minister for Planning, Development and Reforms, graced the occasion as chief guest while Director General  East Asia and Pacific (EAP) Samina Mehtab was among the notables. The event had good representation of people from all walks of life including diplomats, various ambassadors, politicians, businessman and civilians.

National anthems of both countries were played and a cake was also cut.

Pakistani women diplomats have changed the trend in society and have proved their abilities   in promoting positive image of Pakistan on international level. Samina Mehtab is among them, with intellectual and professional skills that have helped her gain a senior position in the foreign ministry.  She has served as Deputy high Commissioner of Pakistan in Bangladesh. When asked about her visit to four Foreign Ministers over the past few days to Pakistan including Iran, Japan, US and China which was greater than normal routine, she replied it’s a routine matter for foreign ministers to visit others to show their solidarity to the new government.

Former president of ICCI, Mr. Khalid Iqbal Malik was also present and while talking to Samina Mehtab, he said that our ambassadors and diplomats should put their utmost effort to boost trade ties between two countries.

The ambassador Kim Thae sop made a speech in which he admired the efforts of the great Leader President Kim IL sung who founded the democratic People’s Republic of Korea on the 9thSep 1948. In the past 70 years DPR Korea he said hasrobustly advanced along one road of Socialism.  Apprising the efforts of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong II  he said that  they had accomplished immortal endeavors in state building,developing the DPR Korea into a Socialistcountry , independent Self Sufficient and  self-reliant in National defense.

Focusing on the present situation, he said the supreme leader Kim Jung Un is working to create a powerful socialist country. He is determined to ensure that Korean people enjoy the highest quality of life. He further added that Korean people support and trust him because of his politics of prioritizing, respecting and loving people.

He said the world has witnessed dramatic changes in the Korean peninsula this year and its surroundings. He mentioned two historic summit between top leaders of north and south Korea for a new history of peace, prosperity and reunification in the Korean Peninsula, and the first ever DPRK-us summit meeting in Singapore in June with aims to puts an end to the hostility between the two countries and open up a new future for the sake of global peace and security.

Another north-south summit meeting is scheduled for September in Pyongyang which will discuss the acceleration of the development of the north–south relations. He appreciated the achievements of the government of Pakistan and its people for the development and prosperity of the country.

On bilateral relations he said that DPRKorea’s consistent policy is to further the relations of friendship with Pakistan and make more efforts for the expansion in many fields. He wished good health to Dr. Arif Alvi , President of Pakistan from the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

He also thanked the Chief Guest and other guests for their participation.

–The writer is a freelance contributor.