KARACHI - Haleem Adil Sheikh, member of the Sindh Assembly from the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), on Saturday announced he would donate his one-month salary to the fund set up by Supreme Court Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar for dams.

Prime Minister Imran Khan appealed for donations for dams on Friday.

Also, PTI Karachi chief Fridous Shamim Naqvi urged overseas Pakistanis to participate in the fund raising drive for construction of dams in the country.

PM Imran Khan, keeping in view rapid depletion of water recourses in the country, came up with a donations appeal as part of his plan to speed up construction of dams to resolve the low water storage capacity issue and urged overseas Pakistanis to contribute their share to the dam fund.

Pakistan will face a drought like situation if the water reservoirs issue is ignored further, said PTI legislator Haleem Adil Sheikh while talking to The Nation.

There is no doubt the matter requires immediate steps. “On the call of Imran Khan, I have decided to donate my one-month salary to the dam fund,” he said. He said the country was facing numerous problems and it was a good sign that Prime Minister Imran Khan had started address the issues.

Referring to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s appeal to overseas Pakistanis to donate to the dam funds, Sheikh said that not only the overseas Pakistanis but all people residing in the country should come forward to contribute to the dam fund. He said the prime minister had promised to safeguard the public money.

Moreover, PTI Karachi chief Firdous Shamim Naqvi said that overseas Pakistanis had always played their role for the betterment of country. Earlier, on Imran Khan’s call, they contributed to the Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital, he said. Hopefully, he said, overseas Pakistanis would participate actively in the fund raising campaign for the dams.

He said it was the responsibility of formers rulers to take measures but they pushed the country into crisis and did nothing. He said that connivance of Asif Zardari-led PPP and Nawaz Sharif-led PML-N in this regard is known to everyone. In Sindh, he said, people were deprived of safe drinking water due to negligence of the PPP.

Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed concern over low water shortage capacity of the country and called for measures to speed up the fundraising for dams.

Naqvi urged the overseas Pakistanis to respond to PM Khan’s appeal and make as much donation as they can to the dam fund.