OKARA-Not only the government’s efforts but also the cooperation of the people is essential for the eradication of polio, the district administration said.

It urged each citizen to participate in the campaign against polio. The deputy commissioner while chairing the Polio Eradication Committee (PEC) said the Ulema must play their role to educate the people on the significance of measures against polio. He said the PEC teams must display banners at vantage position to provide the public with awareness against polio.

Health CEO Abdul Majeed briefed the meeting that in the campaign that would start on 24th of September, 2018, 562784 children under 5 years of age would be administered vaccine drops. The PEC teams would administer drops in houses of the public. He said the 1095 mobile teams, 13 8 fixed teams and 60 other teams had been established for the accomplishment of the task.

Meanwhile, the Labour Department and the Department of Health held a medical camp for the labourers’ families. The project aims at health screening of the children and providing them with awareness about their health. Awareness was provided to the children and their families regarding basic health principles. The public eulogised the commencement of the medical camp.