ISLAMABAD - District and Session Judge of Okara Parvez Ismail Joiya has submitted his report in the Supreme Court recommending a thorough investigation into development funds allocated for Hujra Shah Moqeem (HSM).

The D&SJ Okara was earlier directed by the top court to inspect the area and submit a report on the sewerage and encroachment situation of Hujra Shah Moqeem on the request of an applicant Kashif Jawad.

The request was made before Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar in March during the hearing of a suo motu notice on a photo circulating in the social media showing a funeral procession passing through the sewerage water “Keeping in view the fact and peculiar circumstances of the matter in question, it is proposed that funds allocated for the development schemes of Hujra Shah moqeem Town may be technically inspected through the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) or Anti-Corruption Department,” the D&SJ stated in his report.  

The report also mentioned findings on the Darbar Hazrat Bahawal Sher Qalander and Khewa Imam Graveyard and recommended retrieval of the land from the illegal possession of occupiers by the concerned authority. Darbar Hazrat Bahawal Sher Qalander and Khewa Imam Graveyards are located in the centre of the town where encroachments and illegal possession of the land was observed.

“Unfortunately, tendency of encroachment of the state property and even encroachment of property of graveyard is growing day by day in our society, almost in all corners of this country and houses were built on the land of graveyard 30/35 years back but non-raising voice for a long time over this issue, smacks some foul play and element of blackmailing, as petitioners/applicants in this case were from opposition of the house of Municipal Committee Hujra Shah Moqeem in the current regime,” the report stated.

On the issue of graveyard’s land encroachment, the report stated that eight shops had been constructed by the owners and available on the front portion of land of graveyard had rented out to different persons.

On this, land houses have been constructed and people are residing for the last many years. It recommended that this land required to be restored.

Regarding matter of Janazagah Land encroachment, the report stated: “According to a report of the revenue department, about 8 kanals 16 marlas land is under illegal possession of different people who have built their houses and are living there for the last 30 to 35 years.” The D&SJ stated that nothing had been done by the authority concerned in this regard.

The report also mentioned the encroachment on Maddrassa land stating that building of Madrassa, constructed on 2 kanals was located within the same premises. It stated that some of the area was under illegal possession of different people who had built their houses and had been living there for the last 30 to 35 years.

“Illegal possession over the land requires to be restored by the concerned authority,” the report recommended.

The report further stated that the only park was in deplorable condition as many facilities of park were removed or stolen and some of its piece of land was also encroached upon.

“It is beyond imagination that portion of property of park was encroached upon without consent of concerned authority, who had not taken any step for removal of encroachment since its pointation by the applicant (Kashif Jawad) in different forums.”

The report, however, maintained that the element of blackmailing of Kashif Jawad, an applicant in proceedings in Supreme Court, cannot be over sighted as many persons gathered at the time of D&SJ visit and complained that the applicant Kashif Jawad had been demanding Rs1 million to withdraw the case against him.

The report went on to state that in Street No.9 of Hujra Shah Moqeem, sewerage pipeline had already laid and work of soiling in the said street and in adjoining street was in progress. Kashif Jawad as well as persons gathered there showed their satisfaction over sewerage system and there was no storm water in Ward 13, Street No. 9, 10 and 11.

D&SJ Okara further stated that Shabana Hussain, ex-principal of Government Post Graduate College for Women, also complained that she was being politically victimised by political figures of Hujra Shah Moqeem as she had taken action against an employee of the college who was stated to be involved in narcotics.