I believe in nearly all of the Book of Revelations (the last Book of the New Testament, Injeel), excluding the belief in Christ as part of the Trinity, as recorded down erroneously or changed at sometime in the past, in order to purchase a small gain. But I have news for Christ followers. As per The Oxford study Bible, Biblical commentaries, the Gospels chronologies of Jesus Christ’s ancestors conflict. They cannot all be true. So we have a New Testament whose antecedents have been proven fake. Also, since Christ was conceived by the Virgin Mary, his only ancestors would have been her maternal family as he did not have a male parent. 

Christians cannot become Jews since ‘the beast’ described in the Bible is Israel and only 144,000 male Jew Virgins will be saved from among the Jews. So the only other faith whose sacred text remains unchanged is Judeo-Sunni Islam. And I am not interested in promoting limbs being chopped off, or the rest of the penal or civil code of Islam, as dictated by the Angel Gabriel to Prophet Muhammad some 1400 or more years ago. 

I believe it is Jesus Christ’s job to update Islam and bring it into the modern day 21st century norms, until, “all religion is for Allah.” Jesus must start an Enlightenment, Age of Reason, Reformation and Renaissance of the Holy Koran, and Islamic Jurisprudence. Only a Judeo-Sunni Muslim Jesus Christ has both the unquestioned authority, and ability to do so. Keep the [essence of the monotheistic] faith (Bon Jovi). While not claiming to be Christ because of PPC-295C, I do have a US doctorate in law. Only the lamb of Gott can open The Seals of Revelations, so to the world I present myself as Khuda Ka Bakra. I would not be surprised if the Israelis want me dead. 

I am both Marked for Death, and Hard to Kill, (Steven Seagal). I am not claiming to be The Messiah because of PPC-295C. I am calling for its immediate repeal. 

I hereby order all Christ faith followers and Judeo-Sunni Muslims globally to organize and demonstrate against PPC-295C both in Pakistan, and outside Pakistani embassies and consulates globally and stand up with placards in favor of Free Speech, Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Religion, and support me if ye believe. It will surely lessen the burden of your sins on Day of Judgement. 

Tailpiece: Ayaz Amir is an Israeli agent and so too are The News’s editors and owner. Until I threatened to expose Ayaz and the editors of The News International (Pakistan), Jung group, Ayaz’s e-mail address from his articles, was all full of 666’s and only 666’s. I have a talent for catching both RAW Agents and Mossad 

agents as Pakistan military already know. Incidentally, I have never worked for any country nor have I ever been paid a single penny for my writings. I am totally independent. My only commitment is to the truth. 


USA, August 21.