Imran Khan wins Tekken 7 Dojo final in Penang

PR LAHORE - Pakistani Imran Khan, who goes by the screen-name ‘Khan’, has defeated Malaysian Zaba 3-0 in the Tekken 7 Dojo final in Penang.

Khan made his way through the bracket and took down his opponent without any trouble. Khan has been in Malaysia for last 15 days, having stopped by Kuala Lumpur before Penang. He is very close to family residing in Lahore and kept on missing. He is feeling proud to represent both his country and Tekken community at international level.

Despite his 3-0 win, Khan says Zaba is a strong player. It is also evident from the match, as the Malaysian got comebacks a few times. He says Zaba will be able to improve further via the community. He was competing against other Malaysians too over the two-day Penang Esports Festivals.

Khan feels that the Malaysian esports scene has a lot of support, not just for the local players, but also for all the competitors. He said he is very hard working and train daily for up to 10 to 11 hours.

Tekken has been in Khan’s life since he was 12. He used to bunk classes to go to arcades to play. That’s why his father used to get angry at him but now the same father has proud on his son, who represented Pakistan in Tekken. He also had great support and prayers of his mother, which played key role in his great victory.

His strategy for winning is to believe in luck and a lot of practice. It seems to apply to his favourite “worst” character, Akuma, saying playing against Akuma requires being careful, and it can make one stronger. “Just work hard and don’t be jealous of anyone,” he advises those intending to go pro. “Your time will come, just focus it all on the game.” Khan said he would be willing to come, if more events are organised in Malaysia.


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