BAHAWALPUR    -    Additional Chief Secretary South Punjab Captain (retd) Saqib Zafar visited the office of Cantonment Board Bahawal­pur on Thursday. He planted the jacaranda plant on the lawn of the Cantonment Board Office under the Monsoon tree plantation campaign.

Additional Chief Secretary South Punjab Captain (retd) Saqib Zafar also inspected the Citizen Facilitation Center of the Cantonment Board. He was briefed about the work­ing of the center and related Android applications. Captain (retd) Saqib Zafar appreciat­ed the state-of-the-art build­ing of Cantonment Board Ba­hawalpur for public service.

Executive Officer Can­tonment Board Bahawal­pur briefed the Additional Chief Secretary South Pun­jab about the Rs500 million worth of development proj­ects launched by Cantonment Board Bahawalpur in civil ar­eas. He said that these devel­opment projects include pub­lic buildings, parks, roads, footpaths, public toilets, and basic facilities like water, sanitation, and health and sewage projects. He said that Cantonment Board Bahawal­pur has increased its prop­erty tax revenue by 100 per­cent. Previously it was Rs40 million and now it has risen to Rs.80 million. He informed that during the last year, the total income of Cantonment Board Bahawalpur increased from Rs630 million to Rs920 million. Executive Officer Cantonment Board Bahawal­pur said that two Girls’ High Schools and one Girls’ College have been established under Cantonment Board Bahawal­pur to provide quality educa­tion to female students