ISLAMABAD    -    Minister of State for Petroleum, Dr Musa­dik Malik on Thursday said that Imran Khan has lost opportunity given by court to seek apology in contempt case. Imran Khan could not satisfy Islamabad High Court (IHC), in contempt of court case, he said while talking to a private televi­sion channel. He said that Imran Khan failed to sub­mit apology during hear­ing that held today. The courts, he said had given maximum time to Imran Khan to offer uncondi­tional apology in con­tempt case but PTI lead­ership lost the chance. Expressing reservations over court decisions, he said, Nihal Hashmi, Dani­yal, and many other lead­ers of Pakistan Muslim League-N, could not en­joy leverage by courts in contempt of court cases. He said that Imran Khan would have to face indict­ment in contempt case, in the next hearing being held on September 22. In reply to a question, he said that Imran Khan had used derogatory remarks against judiciary and na­tional institutions, while Shehbaz Sharif never ad­opted uncivilized manner for judiciary or state in­stitutions, he added.