LAHORE   -   Senior Provincial Minister Mian Aslam Iqbal on Thursday said that Punjab government had a pivotal role in the development of Paki­stan by providing a comprehensive business environment across the province to attract more and more investment in Punjab. He expressed these views while addressing the meetup ceremony in the honour of the business investors, developers and industry thought leaders here organized by Lahore Central Busi­ness District Development Author­ity (LCBDDA) also known as Central Business District Punjab, (CBD Pun­jab) in association with Ministry of Housing, Urban Development, Public Health and Engineering, to strength­en the business relations and ties with existing & potential investors at CBD Punjab. The Senior Provin­cial Minister said that a business hub like CBD Punjab had its own unique significance in the development of the province, adding that the proj­ect was fully supported by the gov­ernment of Punjab and “We believe that this project will take Pakistan to new heights”. He further added,

“The authority has achieved great milestones in a short time span which is the reason that we have expanded its jurisdiction all over Punjab”. He requested the investors to come forward and start their proj­ects in CBD Punjab.

He stated that “CBD Punjab is a cel­ebrated success, and it is only due to the trust of the business community,” adding, “We have already achieved our first-year target and have aimed higher for the upcoming year”. He said that the expansion of CBD Pun­jab to all over the province was the trust of the Punjab govt in the author­ity, adding that this expansion would give new heights to the development pace of Punjab.